Biondo Art in Print

Can you imagine seeing your artwork on a pizza box? Having your artwork featured on an album of your favorite musician? Or have your artwork printed in books and magazines? Well, Michael Biondo is more than thankful for the opportunites he has had to provide artwork in these achievements.

Public Eye

Krayzie Bone Album Artwork

Biondo Art provided artwork for Krayzie Bone on the release of The Fixtape Volume III: Lyrical Paraphernalia.

Public Eye

Picasso's Pizzeria

Buffalo, NY's own Picasso's Pizzeria commissioned Michael Biondo to illustrate and design the entire layout of their large pizza box.

Other Print Media Featuring Biondo Art

Other Print Media

Check out the Picasso's Pizzeria pastel drawing has been featured in Viva La Pizza, and other artwork that has made it printed publications.