Picasso's Pizzeria

Picasso's Pizzeria | 17'' x 21'' | Pastel Drawing | 2011
Art on sides of pizza box | Pastel Drawing
(From Left) Mark DiGiore, Michael Biondo, Lauren Hall, Larry Santora

The concept was to create a scene of a Picasso's Pizzeria restaurant as if it was located in Italy. The plaster over the brick, stone facades, and awnings over doorways are common architectural elements in Italian scenery. It also features grape vines that represent wine, which is associated with Italian meals. Also, most Renaissance art originates from the Mediterranean area, which display most of the artwork in warm tones, so it was only natural to use a warm color scheme for this piece of art.

Picasso's Pizzeria was fortunate to have the local station, CW23, make a video interview for their segment that highlighted the popularity of the Picasso's pizza box. The artwork gained popularity from its feature in "La Viva Pizza", a book written about artwork on pizza boxes by Scott Wiener.

Not only do they have really cool pizza boxes, but their food is some of the best that you'll ever have in Western New York! Visit www.PicassosPizza.net and put your order in today!