Layzie Bone

Wanted: Dead or Alive | Drawing | 2020
Wanted: Dead or Alive | 2020
Wanted: Dead or Alive | 2020

The concept was to use imagery to create Layzie Bone as Nostradamus predicting what was written. Starting with their first albums, and still writing his predictions. When presenting the concepts of this artwork, there were different images appearing in the smoke. Cody Hillyer filled in the idea of the loosely-shaped skull and the background.

Since we were using this concept of writing in script, I continued this theme for the back of the album art. It shows Layzie Bone's hand with the feather pen writing the tracklist from his point of view.

The remainder of the album art was designed by Cody Hillyer, whom contacted me personally for this commission. It's an honor to be able to be a part of such a great production.

Artwork in NYC

Sometimes everything works together at the right time. Stay motivated and focused! Work together with people placed in your life to help each other! Become a master in maintaining, servicing, and building relationships!

I didn't know this drawing would make it this far! To be paired up with Cody Hillyer's vision and Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony for an album cover that would be advertised in Times Square!

I feel humbled and blessed! Thank you all for your kind words, support, and love! It makes me feel like I'm running in the right direction!