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Buffalo Business First

Mainstreethost is a company mentioned in the Book of Lists, which is a publication by Buffalo Business First issued to businesses in the Western New York region.

Mainstreethost's Tradeshow Material

Tradeshow Material

Mainstreethost has participated in tradeshows across the United States. Naturally, a designer needs to create material for printing: this includes business cards, banners, presentation folders, hand-outs, and maybe a small gift.

Mainstreethost's Advertisement Graphic Design


Print media is just as effective as it can be versus digital media. Depending on a banner's size on the side of a building, and the noticability of a page design within a magazine can have powerful effects when design is used correctly.

Mainstreethost E-books

Mainstreethost E-books

Michael Biondo is the Inbound Marketing Visual Specialist / Graphic Designer for Mainstreethost. Michael bases a design which is structured around the documents that are written by the content writers within the department.

Mainstreethost Infographics

Mainstreethost Infographics

Mainstreethost's Inbound Marketing Department produces infographics to share knowlege about the marketing industry. These graphics can be used as great visual content and reference material that contain accurate statistics.

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