Isabella and Michael Tennant Portrait Pencil Drawing by Michael Biondo

This little angel, Isabella Tennant was taken from the world too soon. Michael Biondo's friend, Arthur Keroak, called him to arrange a portrait drawing for a donation to Michael Tennant for Isabella's Benefit Fundraiser at The Town Ballroom in Buffalo, NY. The entire city of Buffalo, NY, has shown support to the Tennant family.

Technical Design

The portrait drawing is drawn is pencil on smooth bristol paper at 8" x 8" and framed in a custom 16" x 16" frame. The concept is a double-portrait of Isabella and her father, Michael Tennant, forming a heart shape with their embrace. The portraits display high-accuracy and detail with traditional pencil drawing techniques. The drawing of the name "Isabella Tennant" is centrally located at the bottom of the portrait in a style that I created to show delicacy, innocence, and beauty.

Miller Time by Michael Biondo

Isabella and Michael Tennant Drawing Framed by Michael Biondo

Public Eye


Being in the public eye is great! Biondo Art has been honored by a selection of projects that has gained notability and recognition.

Alix Rice Longboard Portrait Painting

Alix Rice

Michael Biondo painted Alix Rice's portrait on a longboard for an auction at The Rockin' For Rice Benefit, which was held at Buffalo, NY's Town Ballroom.