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You Are Exactly Where You Are Meant To Be! Shore!

You Are Exactly Where You Are Meant To Be! Shore!

We all strive to reach the destination where we feel the most comfortable. A place where we can even feel more than comfort: where we find true happiness that brings our journey to reach the place where we are exactly meant to me.

That is where you belong. 

Shore LBK Entrance

Shore built a stunning and vibrant new restaurant with a gallery shop of branded apparel on Longboat Key early September 2019. I was privileged to be introduced to the wonderful Leonard family by my talented friend, Noah Chavez, whom creates the visual design for their marketing and so much more. I was hired as an artist to enhance their space on the outdoor back patio: which features a breathtaking view of calm water and color changing skies.



Our challenge was to match the vibe of Shore with the atmosphere of the establishment. Besides every angle built to perfection, it incorporates natural beauty being located on the edge of the key. This allows for boats to approach the dock to the patio facing the open Gulf. Now, imagine walking up to this enormous place and being inspired by reading “You Are Exactly Where You Are Meant To Be”. That makes me want to get ready to have a great time!

Back Patio of Shore LBK

Time to get started! Once we had the mock-up designs approved, I purchased materials, paint, and begin the drawing the layout on the wall. While purchasing materials, I get to analyze colors to pick really great tones that work well together. Personally, it’s one of my favorite steps in the process. It makes me feel as if I’m firmly exercising my decision-making and color theory skills. 

The next step was to visit the space and paint. I started with measurements for placement of the mural on the wall. Every letter was freehanded to specifications from the design. 

Mock-up design
Hand-drawn lettering

After the letters for the inspirational message were drawn, we decided to add the Shore logo to the mural under the last line, “TO BE”. It looked perfect together!

In most mural designs, artwork, or production projects, there is always an unexpected element that changes the dynamic of the original design. Sometimes it’s the weather, the design, or even material, but it’s best to know tactics for planning ahead to achieve the best result for your project and the people you are working with. When you can’t plan ahead, being resourceful and a great problem solver will help with making the best decision possible for the desired result.


After the letters were draw onto the wall, there was another step before painting. I decided to tape over the area of the letters, so that I could paint the background color sections, and easily pluck the tape from the wall for each letter.

Taped letters before painting the solid colors

Finally, ready for the fun part! The taped area would keep the surface white while I could apply paint with a roller or brush to the wall faster and smoother than painting around each letter. Although it was very satisfying, I also enjoyed going back into the mural to paint any corrections in size and placement of each letter.


After a few days of measuring, drawing, and painting, the mural was finally completed. Shore in Longboat Key was finally approaching it’s deadline for opening day. Everyone was contributing their time for working towards a common goal. Personally, there’s such a great feeling of achievement with a team effort. I witnessed everyone involved with this restaurant / clothing shop working at their hardest and producing really great work! 

I want to thank Shore for placing their trust in me to complete a focal point of this unbelievably gorgeous back patio as you approach the estate and endless beauty of Shore in Longboat Key. It’s more than an incredible honor!

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