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Year in Review: 2021 Artwork

Year in Review: 2021 Artwork

The year 2021 has been such an enlightening year, full of producing artwork for clients, and myself. Similar to previous years, accomplishing everything from private murals; oil paintings and pencil drawings for individuals; some branding packages including an original logo and website; and new murals which will be showcased for 2022; a handful of new Biondo Art merchandise including designs for stickers, magnets, and t-shirts. It’s so exciting!

Let’s review the entire scope of work we completed this year with our motivated clients!



The Buffalo Bills have been having such a great couple of seasons, and continuing on a great path for the 2021 season. As kings of the AFC East, Josh Allen has been the subject of some of my artwork. This 18″ x 24″ oil painting contains some art deco elements with some realistic portrait qualities. These were sold in limited edition prints of 20.

Josh Allen - Buffalo Royalty - Oil Painting Portrait
18″ x 24″ Josh Allen | Buffalo Royalty | Oil Painting Portrait


The Buffalo Bills momentum carried right through with a bunch of wins towards the end of the season. I created another Josh Allen piece which is an 11″ x 14″ pencil drawing portrait in a realistic style.

Purchase an 11″ x 14″ print of this right here!

Biondo Art | Josh Allen | Pencil Drawing Portrait
11″ x 14″ Josh Allen | Pencil Drawing Portrait


Since I was able to draw Josh Allen, I had to pair him together with another drawing in a similar style. This time with Stefon Diggs, which is one of Josh Allen’s favorite receivers. I’m hoping to make more drawings to add to this series in the offseason.

You can order both Josh Allen & Stefon Diggs 11″ x 14″ prints here!

Biondo Art | Stefon Diggs | Pencil Drawing Portrait
11″ x 14″ Stefon Diggs | Pencil Drawing Portrait


Re-stocked a few times on the Buffalo On The Field coloring book. Had some fun creating this and thank you to all that have supported this project.

This is a 22-page coloring book with a selection of Buffalo Football illustrations I made for some seasons years ago, and now available to be colored at your own leisure!

There’s still so many, so come get some here!

Buffalo On The Field - Coloring-Book
Buffalo On The Field – Coloring-Book


Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and Cole Beasley are the Goodfellas! Inspired by the classic movie and Bills Mafia fanbase! Truly, fan-favorite this year! Let’s go Buffalo!

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve always…” been in Bills Mafia! Get yours here!

Biondo Art | Goodfellas | Bills Mafia Poster
18″ x 24″ Goodfellas Bills Mafia Poster



Beginning with a blank canvas, and only using paint to allow the image emerge requires time and patience. I love the outcome of this painting. It was commissioned by my friend Mike to give as a gift to his parents.

Biondo Art - Brick Home Oil Painting
16″ x 20″ Brick Home Oil Painting


My sister introduced me to a really great client, Jaime (which worked on a custom Mickey Mouse oil painting a few years back), whom recently lost his dog, Sophia, that passed away. We worked together to look through pictures and complete something that treasured her memory. He loved it so much!

Biondo Art - Sophia - Oil Painting
8″ x 10″ Sophia Oil Painting Portrait


Using a few photo references to replace some features to create an entirely new composition, I was able to create this piece for Maria to give as a gift to her husband to remember his mother. Personally, I think it’s such a sweet gesture to capture her memory.

Biondo Art - Mother & Son Pencil Drawing
9″ x 12″ Mother & Son Pencil Drawing Portait 


In this delicately painted portrait, I worked on this for my friend, Phil, as a gift for a family friend! Truly commemorating a great man! May you rest peacefully.

Biondo Art - In Memoriam - Oil Painting
8″ x 10″ In Memoriam Oil Painting 


We love our dogs, right?! I know that I love them! After all, a dog’s a man’s / woman’s best friend! I was able to create a composition with these two beautiful dogs in a custom 8″ x 10″ oil painting.

Biondo Art | Two Buddies | Oil Painting
8″ x 10″ | Two Buddies | Oil Painting


My brother is one of my favorite people, and has helped me in so many ways as we matured. There’s so many laughs and amazing days between us that it could already fill a lifetime of memories. I drew this for him to hang in his house. It’s a portrait of another family pet, Del. He is a Buffalo Bills fan too!

Biondo Art | Delly Pups | Pencil Drawing
10.5″ x 10.5″ in a 18″ x 18″ Double Mat | Delly Pups | Pencil Drawing


It’s always such a wonderful memory to be able to stand where the water meets your feet on the beach watching a sunset! Capturing this in a watercolor painting became a gift for my friend, Jeff, to give to his girlfriend from a memory on their Cancun trip.

Biondo Art | Beach Sunset Watercolor
9″ x 12″ | Beach Sunset Watercolor


In a series of original artworks set with an oil painting and three watercolors, this is the 16″ x 20″ oil painting of the lovely couple! Many well wishes of everlasting love!

Biondo Art | Wedding Oil Painting Portrait
16″ x 20″ Wedding Oil Painting Portrait


This is a beautiful family portrait that is part of a series for their lovely wedding day. This is meticulously painted with watercolor & color pencils to maintain accuracy.

Biondo Art | Wedding Family Watercolor
11″ x 14″  Wedding Family Watercolor with 16″ x 20″ Blue Matting
Biondo Art | Wedding Family Watercolor
11″ x 14″  Wedding Family Watercolor with 16″ x 20″ Blue Matting


In a realistic style, I captured the love for these two within a watercolor painting, using colored pencils for detailed work. This was part of the three watercolors for the series of wedding artwork.

Biondo Art | Wedding Couple Watercolor
11″ x 14″  Wedding Couple Watercolor with 16″ x 20″ Blue Matting


In the third piece of the wedding watercolor artwork series, the groom and his mother are represented in a realistic piece.

Biondo Art | Wedding Groom and Mom Watercolor
11″ x 14″  Wedding Family Watercolor with 16″ x 20″ Blue Matting


In the third piece of the wedding watercolor artwork series, the groom and his mother are represented in a realistic piece.


26 SHIRTS: Pancho Power

One of the biggest supporters of the Buffalo community is 26 Shirts, producing graphic tee’s and much more to raise money to help individuals in need. The Teacher’s Desk helps with giving school supplies to teacher’s and students within the Buffalo community as well! The two companies joined forces to be able to produce backpacks filled with school supplies for students to bring one of Pancho Billa’s wishes to reality. Ezra Castro was a Buffalo Bills superfan that also had an idea to bring his story to a children’s book which Roselyn Kasmire wrote, and I illustrated. All of us came together to produce t-shirts to raise funds for The Teacher’s Desk to provide more supplies and backpacks to students. I’m beyond honored to help with this design!
Biondo Art | 26 Shirts | Pancho Power | Teacher's Desk T-Shirt
Biondo Art | 26 Shirts | Pancho Power | Teacher’s Desk T-Shirt


I just couldn’t stop creating Buffalo-themed artwork, especially with our Buffalo Bills being on a hot streak! I designed the Bills logo early in the year with an illustrative style.
Buffalo can get hot sometimes. Get your artwork here!
Biondo Art | Hot Buffalo | Digital Illustration | Buffalo Bills
Biondo Art | Hot Buffalo | Digital Illustration | Buffalo Bills


It’s all about the Buffalove! I took some time to really develop this piece to be able to be printed on t-shirts, stickers, and magnets.

Want some Buffalove? Get some here!

Biondo Art | Buffalove | Digital Illustration
Biondo Art | Buffalove | Digital Illustration


Finally, circling back to some older designs to create some new merchandise for graphic tee’s, stickers, magnets, and prints! All of them really came out awesome!

Check it out & get yours here!

Biondo Art | Lemon Drop Illustration
Biondo Art | Lemon Drop | Digital Illustration



How I wish you were here! Inspired by the lyrics of Pink Floyd and imagery of a sunset and beach lifestyles of Longboat Key. These were painted in one of the coolest private backyards that I’ve ever been to! It was absolutely gorgeous, and so much fun to work here, especially with great clients!
Biondo Art | Wish You Were Here Murals
Wish You Were Here Murals

The left and right murals are 9.5′ tall x 10.5′ wide, while the middle mural is 9.5′ tall x 8.5′ wide.

Biondo Art | Wish You Were Here Murals
Wish You Were Here Murals


It was so great to be able to work with the wonderful people at Shore Restaurant at Longboat Key again to re-paint their mural with a different color scheme.
9' x 12' Shore Longboat Key Mural
6′ x 9″ Shore Longboat Key Mural



Signing 50 books for Shorty McBills Raffles.

Biondo Art | Pancho Power Book Signing
Pancho Power Book Signing


So what’s next for Biondo Art going into 2022? A lot of newer projects that have been underway for quite some time. Personal projects that will use most of my drawing, production, design, and marketing skills to create for all of my Buffalo Bills fans out there!

As always, mural paintings are always at the top of the list and ready to work on some large projects this upcoming year!

Stay tuned with all of my artwork on this exciting artistic journey by following me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram @BiondoArt!


I’d love to thank everyone that worked with me in 2021!  You help me with my artistic development, learning so much about myself and others along the way! I’m always working, and would love to help you bring your next idea to life, beyond imagination!

If you are looking to get a custom piece of art for yourself, contact us today!

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