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Year in Review: 2020 Artwork

Year in Review: 2020 Artwork

The year 2020 has been such a chaotic year for all of us, hasn’t it? I know that I’m ready to prepare for a better year in 2021! I learned something valuable this year: The moral standards we establish for ourselves also reflect the morality we find acceptable from others. As I proceed into 2021, I know I must continue to work harder and smarter. I hope to inspire others, as I am inspired by the successes of my friends & family.

In 2020, I worked together with my clients to help them bring their artistic vision to life. We accomplished everything from branding packages including an original logo and website; a handful of new Biondo Art merchandise including designs for stickers, magnets, t-shirts, and even a coloring book! How exciting is that?! Also, designed & printed some marketing material & business cards, as well as archival giclee prints on canvas & heavyweight fine art paper.

My clients approach me for traditional fine art which includes original drawings, a hand-drawn illustration for a beer can label, oil paintings and outdoor murals. One of the drawings I created was used for the cover of Layzie Bone’s latest hip-hop album, Wanted Dead or Alive. Not only was it an honor to work for the legendary hip-hop group, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, the cover artwork was displayed as an advertisement in Times Square in New York City. Personally, that is absolutely mind-blowing and just so awesome!

Let’s review the entire scope of work we completed this year with our motivated clients!



Since the pandemic limited some creative projects, I decided to begin creating some ideas that have been on my list for a while. Once of them was the Let’s Go Buffalo design referencing Super Mario Brothers in an original buffalo character.

You can purchase t-shirts, stickers, magnets, posters, and even mugs of Let’s Go Buffalo right here!

Biondo Art Let's Go Buffalo
Let’s Go Buffalo Design – Stickers & Magnets – T-Shirts


The momentum carried through another project with a more illustrative style for Winging It. In Buffalo, NY, hot wings are preferred to eat with blue cheese only. Asking for a side of ranch may start an arguement. We produced a merchandise campaign similar to a few other designs this year with hoodies & t-shirts, with stickers, magnets, and posters!

Purchase Winging It merchandise right here!

Winging It Design - Stickers & Magnets - T-Shirts
Winging It Design – Stickers & Magnets – T-Shirts


This is one of my favorite designs. This illustrative style that carries out the shape and concept of a tree growing within the head of a buffalo.  I love the symmetrical areas and the complexity of the detail. Plus, it still looks great on merchandise.

Take home some Buffalo Roots merch by purchasing here!

Biondo Art | Winging It
Buffalo Roots Design


My brother, Anthony, is a co-owner of this wonderful company, Textbooks Buffalo, providing students with textbooks and the tools they need to graduate from college. I designed the logo and website for them years ago, but we decided to make some beanie hats, hoodies, and t-shirts for them to represent their business!

Biondo Art | Textbooks Buffalo
Textbooks Buffalo Merchandise


Patience one of the biggest characteristics of being an artist, and this project might carry the most truth to that phrase. I created artwork for years so that this could be an actual possibility one day! Finally, I had some time to create this. I came across the right people to help me make that idea come alive. This is a 22-page coloring book with a selection of Buffalo Football illustrations I made for some seasons years ago, and now available to be colored at your own leisure!

Want to buy the Buffalo On The Field coloring book? Get it here!

Biondo Art | Buffalo On The Field Coloring-Book
Buffalo On The Field – Coloring Book


It was such an honor working with Ezra Castro & Roselyn Kasmire on illustrating the children’s story book, Pancho Power! This touching story impacted the lives of his family, friends, and Buffalo Bills fans everywhere! As a thank you to Ezra’s family, I designed backpacks influenced by the Pancho Power book, and the admirable school supply donation of Pancho Packs created by Del Reid / 26 Shirts & The Teacher’s Desk.

Biondo Art | Pancho Power Backpacks
Pancho Power Backpacks, Stickers, and T-Shirts


Truly, I love this Josh Allen Memorabilia Frame! Presentation is important and always the key to showcasing artwork. Unique custom framing is the best way to display that for any type of wall art, so I put all of my framing skill into this one!
Biondo Art | Josh Allen Autographed Jersey Frame
30″ x 40″ Buffalo Bills Josh Allen Autographed Jersey Frame



Beginning with a blank canvas, and only using paint to allow the image to morph & emerge requires patience, but I’m always too excited to see the result for every piece! I love the outcome of this painting. It was commissioned by my friend Katie Parrino for her father, Donny, as a Father’s Day gift to commemorate their angel, Joey.

Biondo Art | Joey - Dog Portrait Painting
Joey – Dog Portrait Painting


In the wake of lost family, we treasure their memories. Their spirit is captured in each of our hearts with reminders that they’re always with us. I’m very happy to be able to create this pencil drawing for my friend, Ivana, for her husband, Andrew. Now, he will always have his late father and two sons together in a portrait!

Biondo Art | Ivana Family Portrait Pencil Drawing
Ivana Family Portrait 9″ x 12″ – Pencil Drawing


Attention to detail is a common phrase I think of while completing realistic artwork. In creating traditional portraits and capturing the figure, I attempt to display unique characteristics within the piece.

With a patient hand, clear mind, and slow breathing, I drew this commemorative portrait of Sabre (awesome name) for his owner, Hunter! Animal lovers everywhere know our pets are family too! I love working on artwork like this!

Biondo Art | Sabre Cat Portrait Drawing
“Sabre” – 9″ x 12″ – Cat Portrait – Pencil Drawing 


I worked on this for my friend, Brendan Karam, who owns Headspace Gallery in Buffalo, NY, for his girlfriend as a Christmas gift!

Biondo Art - Karam Christmas Drawing
11″ x 14″ Karam Christmas Pencil Drawing with 16″ x 20″ Custom Matting


This project was a dream come true! My friend, Cody Hillyer, approached me with the task of drawing the front and back cover of Layzie Bone’s (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) newest album, Wanted Dead or Alive. I can’t express how proud & happy I am to work with them on drawing the official cover for this album released on July 3rd!
I worked on this drawing with so much focus, poured dedication into making something extremely accurate, and enhanced with Cody’s collaboration & vision for this project! As a huge fan of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, all of this was a really humbling and positive experience. The was shared on Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s social media pages, used as profile pictures, and even had an advertising spot in New York City’s Time’s Square. Being a part of hip-hop history and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony makes me really happy & proud!
Biondo Art | Layzie Bone - Wanted Dead Or Alive

Layzie Bone – Wanted Dead Or Alive Cover

Want to listen to this album? Stream it on Spotify!



It was so cool to work with these guys, Shane. & Mike at First Line Brewing, to illustrate and design their very first beer label for the opening of their new & first ever brewery in Orchard Park!
I like to be able to maintain great relationships with respectful businesses! A lot of trust established between us with this project. Niagara Label Company printed these labels and they did a great job! The colors matched perfectly!
Biondo Art | First Line Brewing - American Flag
“America The Great” Freehand Digital Illustration – First Line Brewing – Beer Can Label



This project marks the largest set of artwork that I’ve ever completed. Each mural is 25′ x 30′ and the five-story areas in the middle were painted black Take a look at those freshly painted walls of the Gold Wynn murals on Elmwood & Johnson Park! As time came closer for me to head back down to Florida, I called in my friend, Chuck Tingley, to help complete the black areas on the walls.
I decided to paint the jagged white areas on the surface to look like bricks carried out to each edge, under the middle & right side murals.
Gold Wynn has transformed this corner of Buffalo into something so much more interesting! I can’t wait to see it all when they finish with the landscaping & lighting!
Biondo Art | Gold Wynn Residences Painted Murals
Gold Wynn Residential Art Deco Murals at Johnson Park, Buffalo, NY



It was so awesome to work with Bill Hynes on his new business venture, The ThrillCast. I designed the logo, animated it in a video, and created the website too!
Check out Bill Hynes & Meg Jones at, and check out the podcast on Podbean.
Biondo Art | Thrill Cast Logo Design
ThrillCast Logo Branding Design


So what’s next for Biondo Art going into 2021? Well, I’ve been experimenting with the wonder world of sculpting and building with both clay, and tools like legos to create very complex builds. Sculpting with clay has brought me into a world that I never knew existed but feel even more comfortable than most of the work that I’ve been producing. I can’t wait to show everyone the work that I’ve been producing.

I’ve been adding another dynamic to my archival prints by gilding them with gold leaf. This is another element that I would like to bring into my original portrait work.

Murals are always at the top of the list and already signed up for four new ones to be produced in the beginning of 2021.

Stay tuned with all of my artwork on this exciting artistic journey by following me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram @BiondoArt!


I’d love to thank everyone that worked with me in 2020!  You help me with my artistic development, learning so much about myself and others along the way! I’m always working, and would love to help you bring your next idea to life, beyond imagination!

If you are looking to get a custom piece of art for yourself, contact us today!

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