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Pancho Billa Grounds The Jets

Pancho Billa Grounds The Jets




Pancho Billa, a true legend of character, is taking charge of grounding the NY Jets this week as the Buffalo Bills advance through the 2018 season! Let’s support our brother, Pancho, in everyday possible in his fight for cancer by heading over to his Go Fund Me page, and donating to his fund!

This season, Biondo Art & Buffalo Sports Page teamed up for producing the Buffalo Illustration series, so follow us on all social media accounts to keep up with new Buffalo artwork! 

Pancho Billa Buffalo Bills NY Jets Illustration artwork


Pancho Billa inspired the Buffalo Bills when he visited them before the game against the New York Jets in a message to the team. I encourage everyone to watch this to reflect on the daily routine we live in, and be thankful for each day we can be productive or encourage another person.

Check out another inspiring video from Bleacher Report! I’m beyond honored to have a feature in this touching segment!  Please watch until the end!

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