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Illustrating Labels For Breweries First Can Release!

Illustrating Labels For Breweries First Can Release!

After one of the initial designs for a 32 oz. crowler that we produced in November ’18, Froth Brewing Co & Biondo Art teamed up again for a pair of illustrations to fit the title of the original brew of label designs for 16 oz. beer cans!  Oh, we designed the labels too!


This beer is made from Mosaic Hops, Milk Sugar, Sweet Cherry Purée, and Candied Lemon Peel! Come on, that sounds so delicious! These illustrations have to be as original and creative as the beer they contain in the 16 oz. cans! The imagery shows sour-faces on a lemon with his cherry buddies on his head dripping on top of each other. We really wanted to get the viewer to understand that is must be sour by looking at it right away!

Froth Brewing Sourbet Illustration


A true home run!!! DiMaggio is a strong (8.1% alc. / vol.) triple dry-hopped double IPA using Mosaic, Motueka, and Galaxy Hops! Since this was a home run at the brewery, we literally had to illustrate a home running… get it?  Also, it unified the composition to add the triple hops behind the main subject. Again, the point is to get the viewer to understand what beer will be purchasing from the images alone, then read the information after we capture their attention.

Froth Brewing DiMaggio Illustration

Froth Brewing Co. is located at 700 Military Rd., Buffalo, NY! Check them out at Follow them on Instagram & Facebook too!

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