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Holiday Season Is Approaching… Invest In Custom Artwork

Holiday Season Is Approaching… Invest In Custom Artwork

So holiday season is approaching, right?!  Let me guess, you’re looking for another iPad, digital watch, new phone, or some type of new electronic device to replace the one you bought for someone last year… which is basically the same but more expensive! 

Instead of investing in replaceable electronics, take some time to give a personalized piece of artwork that you will have forever! It’s a much more meaningful gift that will be treasured for generations instead of a period of time until it would need to be replaced!

Biondo Art can design a custom piece for you or a loved one! We can produce everything from animal portraits, landscapes & cityscapes, and even family or individual portraits! 

…AND they can be hand-painted oil painting on hand-built canvas:
Cubism Indian Chief Painting


Color pastel on thick paper:
Quincy Ciara Dog Portrait - Soft Pastel Drawing


…Or a pencil on paper in a realistic style!
Billy Wilson Portrait Drawing - Biondo Art


It’s super easy to get started! All you have to do is contact me, send me a picture, and wait for the artwork to arrive at your door! During the process you’ll receive an estimate with options, which you’ll choose from different sizes and prices with options to have matted for a standard size frame, and we can discuss ideas. Biondo Art will send you a mock-up concept, and then the artwork will be produced before the holiday… even with shipping… but you’ll need to get started soon because scheduling will fill up!

Let’s work together and let me make some custom original artwork for you or your loved this holiday season!

We also have Buffalo sports themed artwork , stickers & magnets coming very soon, and limited edition artwork that is already produced, which we can send right away in our Art Shop!

Happy holiday shopping everyone! 

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