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Gold Wynn Murals: Buffalo, NY

Gold Wynn Murals: Buffalo, NY

We’re proud to present the newest set of murals, and the largest that we have ever produced! In the downtown area of Buffalo, NY, Gold Wynn and Biondo Art worked together to create a pair of murals in an Art Deco style! These new murals cover the top two-stories on north side of the five-story 401 Delaware Ave. apartments!

Gold Wynn Murals from ground level
Gold Wynn murals from ground level


Before we began, the consultations of size and design were approved with the drafted designs applied to a side elevation rendering of the building. We began working on the schedule for equipment rental, production, and installation. 

Biondo Art | Gold Wynn Apartments Mural Mock-Up
Gold Wynn Apartments Mural Mock-Up


It’s been a great achievement to be able to complete this project for Gold Wynn on their newly acquired apartment building in Buffalo, NY! 

Biondo Art | Gold Wynn ApartmentsBiondo Art murals for Gold Wynn seen from Delaware Ave.
Biondo Art | Gold Wynn (Left)Gold Wynn Murals | Biondo Art | Left Side
Biondo Art | Gold Wynn (Right)
Gold Wynn Murals | Biondo Art | Right Side


There will still need to be some updating to this post as we produce a time-lapse video and add more details into how these were installed! Stay tuned, but enjoy the images for now! Thank you for reading!


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