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26 Shirts & Biondo Art: T-Shirt For Sale

26 Shirts & Biondo Art: T-Shirt For Sale


The honor is beyond measure every time working with Del Reid, the owner of 26 Shirts. We teamed up for the fifth time collaborating on sports-themed t-shirts to help raise money for people in need.

This particular shirt closes the three year mark for 26 Shirts producing sportswear to help benefit financially burdened people with severe illnesses. Since then, they have expanded into four major cities starting in Buffalo, moving to Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and growing into Tampa.

$8 from every shirt will be donated to Make LemonAide Foundation for Cerebral Palsy. This non-profit corporation raises CP awareness, trains CP therapists and funds research.


Del came to me with an abundance of ideas last year, which led to a fair amount of design production. While we were brainstorming on how to execute all of these ideas, I realized that I was witnessing true integrity in Mr. Reid. His determination inspired and motivated me.

The culture of Buffalo resonates with our sports teams, the Buffalo Bills & Buffalo Sabres. It’s more than just professional sports. The People of Buffalo are passionate. Sure, we’ve had our fair share of ugly videos at tailgates, but that’s the attention the media chooses to surface. The truth that you don’t see are the home-cooked family dinners that brings together families and friends on Sundays. It’s a bonding experience with unrelated people which we can call family, and it’s the way people in the entire city are raised. That is what Buffalo is all about, and that is the city that made me everything that I am today. The care for others is unmatched, and for the people that don’t understand, that is the city of good neighbors I’m talking about here. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Patriots fan, Dolphins fan, or Maple Leafs fan; immigrant or American; Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton supporter; and regardless of race & religion, we come together when it counts, and that is what matters the most.


I’m very proud to be amongst the great people that contribute to such an amazing effort to help people through Del Reid and 26 Shirts.

Please make your purchase today at

Check out this shirt and other designs from my website at BiondoArt | Design

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