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Creative Treasures: Priceless Portraits

Creative Treasures: Priceless Portraits


Celebrating the love of art and football in Buffalo. All art cards are hand-made from drawings of Buffalo Bills football players by Michael Biondo.

There are only 30 boxes produced. Each box contains 2 packs featuring 8 limited edition hand-made art cards. One pack contains 7 random limited edition cards in soft plastic sleeves, and the other pack contains 1 original embellished art card signed by the artist, Michael Biondo, in a sealed clear plastic case. Also, each box is presented with an open ended sleeve enclosure featuring an original color pencil and ink drawing (approximately 4″ x 6″) of current and legendary Buffalo football players.

40 regular cards limited to 2
30 Black and White cards limited to 2
40 color holofoil cards limited to 1
30 Black & White holofoil cards limited to 1
30 original embellished art cards limited to 1
30 original drawings on box sleeve enclosure. One per box.

On average, each box contains:
2 – 3 holofoil cards limited 1/1
2 – 3 Black and White parallel cards limited #/2
2 – 3 Regular Color cards limited #/2
1 original embellished art card limited 1/1
1 original color pencil and ink drawing on box sleeve limited 1/1


Biondo Art | Creative Treasures Box Contents
2023 Creative Treasures: Priceless Portraits Box
Biondo Art | Creative Treasures Card Variations
Regular: #/2, Black and White: #/2, Color Holofoil: #/2, and Black and White Holofoil: #/2
Creative Treasures Priceless Portraits Possible Box Contents
Creative Treasures Priceless Portraits Possible Box Contents


All cards are 75pt thick stock, with a front and back design. The 40 cards in the regular and color holofoil set are listed below. Numbers 1 – 30 are selected to be the only cards of the Black and White parallel sets. The original embellished art cards, numbered from 1-30, are sealed in a magnetic plastic case. Each box sleeve features an original drawing.

1. Josh Allen
2. Sean McDermott
3. Damar Hamlin
4. Thurman Thomas
5. Kyle Williams
6. Darryl Talley
7. Doug Flutie
8. Dawson Knox
9. Gabe Davis
10. Von Miller
11. Marv Levy
12. Jim Kelly
13. Stevie Johnson
14. Stefon Diggs
15. Jack Kemp
16. Andre Reed
17. Josh Allen
18. Ryan Fitzpatrick
19. Matt Milano
20. Eric Moulds
21. Jordan Poyer
22. Fred Jackson
23. Micah Hyde
24. Marshawn Lynch
25. Frank Reich
26. Steve Tasker
27. Tre White
28. Bruce Smith
29. Greg Rousseau
30. Josh Allen
31. Allen: Buffalo Royalty
32. Josh Allen Drawing
33. Stefon Diggs Drawing
34. Josh Allen: Red
35. Josh Allen: White
36. Josh Allen: Blue
37. Lead The Charge
38. Bills Mafia
39. Pancho Selfie Drawing
40. Pancho Billa Drawing

Biondo Art | Creative Treasures Color & Black and White
Josh Allen Regular Set: Front and Back Design | Jack Kemp Black and White Set: Front and Back Design
Biondo Art | Creative Treasures 1/1 Sketch Cards
Showing most of the one-of-one original hand-embellished art cards sealed and encased. One per box.

30 original color pencil and ink drawings featured on one of each of the 30 box sleeves. These do not contain any order or number.

Andre Reed: Running in Blue Jersey
Andre Reed: Catching in Blue Jersey
Andre Reed: Running in White Jersey
Bruce Smith: Celebrating in Blue Jersey
Bruce Smith: Hands Up
Bruce Smith: Let’s Go!
Darryl Talley
Eric Moulds
Fred Jackson: The Incredible Hulk
Jim Kelly: Throwing in Blue Jersey
Jim Kelly: Throwing in White Jersey
Jim Kelly: Touchdown!
Thurman Thomas
Thurman Thomas
Thurman Thomas
Greg Rousseau
Steve Tasker
Stefon Diggs: Running in White Uniform
Stefon Diggs: Running in White Jersey
Stefon Diggs: Running in Blue Uniform
Stefon Diggs: Overhead Catch
Tre White: Interception
Jordan Poyer: Interception
Micah Hyde: Interception
Josh Allen: 1st Hurdle
Josh Allen: Hurdle 2nd View
Josh Allen: Roll out in Blue Jersey
Josh Allen: Celebrating
Josh Allen: Stiff Arm
Matt Milano


Biondo Art | Creative Treasures Hand-Drawn Box Sleeve
Creative Treasures Original Hand-Drawn 4″ x 6″ Artwork on Box Sleeve Limited to 1/1


Pick your favorites from all 30 orginal 5″ x 7″ art prints limited to 10 available in black & white, and color variations. One-of-a-kind holofoil variations of each print in black and white, and color are available.

Availability is limited, so get yours now!


Biondo Art Portrait Prints
Damar Hamlin color print #/10 | Doug Flutie black and white print #/10 | Marshawn Lynch color holofoil print #/1 | Steve Tasker black and white holofoil print #/1


This entire project spans the time of a few years, which includes overall visual design, calculating figures for card amounts with base and parallel sets, packs, and boxes; designing cards, pack and box sizes, testing, creating artist proofs, and countless hours of drawing the portraits, and even a few that were made, but cut from the series. 

Everything in the set that isn’t printed, is hand-made. All 240 cards were individually assembled the front & back sides, then trimmed by hand, signed, hand numbered, and packed.

Biondo Art | Creative Treasures Priceless Portraits
Signed and numbered back of original embellished 1/1 cards | Two different sized packs designed and hand-packed | Design of the inside of the box

Thank you so very much for reading, supporting, purchasing, commenting, sharing, liking, and just following along with my journey as an artist. We’re all here to live life to the fullest and write our own story to leave a legacy behind. I try to make as much of an impact as I can for the things I love, and for the people I love. Hope you enjoy this project and all of the art that comes along with it! Encourage & support others in positive endeavors.

Tons of love, Bills Mafia! GO BILLS!

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