Michael Biondo

Do you see that guy holding the paintbrush in the picture? Well, that's me! My name is Michael Biondo. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, and now living in sunny Sarasota, FL. I am a work-a-holic that breathes, dreams, and lives for art, so I guess you can refer to me as a creative visual artist.

I chose to attend local schools with great art programs. My first choice was Villa Maria College. This is where I learned the beginning stages of my traditional art techniques in drawing and painting. I earned my Associates in Science Degree for Studio Art in 2005.

Later, I completed my Bachelor's in Fine Arts Degree, Concentrating in Painting, with a Minor in Art History from University at Buffalo. I heavily studied the human figure throughout the history of art to attain accuracy in portraiture. Although my degree consists of traditional art credits, my proficiency and knowledge is matched in advanced, extensive, and masterful visual language with any type of graphic design for targeted audiences.

My career as an artist has lead me to produce a wide range of art from traditional media, such as portrait painting and drawing; commercial photography; and graphic design using Adobe software for digital and print media. Some of my artwork has even been displayed publicly within Western New York and even printed for international use.

I love creating artwork and working together with people. When these two forces combine, something valuable becomes created. An incomparable gratification is attained when I complete a piece of artwork for a client. The artwork is a treasured piece that will last for generations and lifetimes. Imagine the thousands of words that will be subjects about the artwork that can be yours.