Bills Mafia, let's go! This entire project is made by hand, including the production of the box! Michael Biondo's weekly Buffalo football illustrations are the primary subject for the regular set. The inserts and other rare cards feature hand-drawn artwork. Each card is carefully, accurately and percisely crafted by the hands of Michael Biondo.

Every box includes a 4" x 5" mini-print box-topper of a Darryl Talley painting by Michael Biondo, which is located behind the opening section at the top of the box.

There are 6 packs per box. Packs contain 4 randomly selected hand-made trading cards featuring rare inserts: Sketch Swatches; Sketch Swatch Signatures; Signatures; Last Supper triple page booklet cards; Modern-Day Masterpieces two page booklet cards; and the one of one Priceless Portraits booklet cards that feature an original realistic color pencil portrait drawing of historical and present-day Buffalo Bills football players!

The regular set is made of 50 cards based from the weekly Buffalo football illustrations from 2013 to 2016. The pre-order will come with a special set of the 2017 edition. Every single card is percisely cut and assembled by Michael Biondo.

20 different inserts cards in 3 variation sets: Sketch Swatch cards featuring pieces of the hand-drawn sketch of the illustration; Sketch Swatch Signatures which are a variation of the Sketch Swatches that are more scarce with the artist signature; and lastly Signature cards that are signed by Michael Biondo

The Last Supper cards are unlike any in the set. These triple-fold booklet cards feature a large sketch swatch and artist signature limited only to 10! These are only available in boxes.

30 Modern-Day Masterpieces feature a large sketch swatch and an artist proof print swatch with an artist signature all wrapped in a fold-out booklet card. These rare cards are limited to 2 and only found in boxes.

These one of a kind (1/1) Priceless Portraits booklet cards feature an original color pencil drawing of 30 different historical and present players, coaches, and owners from the Buffalo Bills football team! They are listed below!

Marv Levy, Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Fred Jackson, Eric Moulds, Jack Kemp, Bruce Smith, Sammy Watkins, Kyle Williams, LeSean McCoy, Tyrod Taylor, Steve Tasker, Darryl Talley, James Lofton, Frank Reich, Eric Wood, Drew Bledsoe, Marshawn Lynch, Cornelius Bennett, Steve Christie, Ralph Wilson, Billy Shaw, Shane Conlan, Doug Flutie, Lee Evans, Brian Moorman, Don Beebe, Terry Pegula